On Tour with Steve Case

Supporting entrepreneurs with capital outside of Silicon Valley, NYC and Boston, Steve Case brought his “Rise of the Rest” tour to Florida and Puerto Rico. We hosted him in Orlando and I was with him in Puerto Rico.

How we’re creating our region of the future

How do cities prosper in the 4th Industrial Revolution? How can new opportunities advance broad-based prosperity? What is the strategy for cities and regions to create their future? Here’s how trying to advance broad-based prosperity in Orlando.

Our look at Orlando in 2030

Have you thought about what your city will look like in 2030? When you live in one of the fastest growing regions in America, you think about that all the time. Will be be better off or in decline?

The future of innovation and technology policy in the U.S.

As this ITIF report indicates, we have a lot to learn about President-elect Trump’s positions on important innovation and economic issues such as R&D, federal research funding, patent system reform, tech transfer and commercialization and more.   These issues are important for our country’s ability to compete in the global economy, for the competitiveness of…