We must adapt

How we’re supporting our investors during the COVID-19 pandemic. To start, we must adapt.

Working together, Orlando can meet the challenge of COVID-19

Orlando is a community that has faced serious challenges in the past. Let’s not lose sight of that and instead draw strength from our past challenges. Let’s work together and stay focused on what matters most — our personal and community health.

How we’re creating our region of the future

How do cities prosper in the 4th Industrial Revolution? How can new opportunities advance broad-based prosperity? What is the strategy for cities and regions to create their future? Here’s how trying to advance broad-based prosperity in Orlando.

Orlando becoming mobility hub of the future

As originally published in American City & County here. As the “Theme Park Capital of the World,” Orlando has earned a global reputation for bringing futuristic innovation to life. Not only does Orlando’s status as one of the top travel destinations in the world fuel our tourism industry, but it also supports our robust network…

Our look at Orlando in 2030

Have you thought about what your city will look like in 2030? When you live in one of the fastest growing regions in America, you think about that all the time. Will be be better off or in decline?

What we’re reading…

The world has changed. The economy has changed. The nature of work has changed. Our political makeup has changed. These pages lead us down a new path.