Crowdfunding: A new financing option for entrepreneurs and investors

This year, Congress passed the Startup Act, which included a provision to allow a new financing option termed "crowdfunding." This is an important new funding option for entrepreneurs that is a game-changer at a time when access to capital is a critical issue for job creation. I've posted the best two resources I've come across… Continue reading Crowdfunding: A new financing option for entrepreneurs and investors

What the JOBS Act Would Do

Small businesses are critical to Florida's economy, and "tomorrow," they are even more important because of increasing global competition. Most research and economic analysis shows that small businesses create a bulk of net new jobs, employ more than 50% of the workforce and account for approximately 1/3 of the difference between a strong economy and… Continue reading What the JOBS Act Would Do

Fresh ideas needed to create more start-ups and grow small businesses

Business start-ups, small business growth and entrepreneurship are critically important to our economy.  In fact, they account for most net job growth in our state and country. Beginning next week, the Florida Chamber Small Business Council will work with our state Department of Economic Opportunity (similar to a Dept. of Commerce in other states and… Continue reading Fresh ideas needed to create more start-ups and grow small businesses

Entrepreneurship Op-Ed in Miami Herald

In honor of Global Entrepreneurship Week, I co-authored the op-ed below with Dr. Carrie Blanchard of the Florida Chamber Foundation to stress the importance of entrepreneurship in creating our future economy.  I'd love to hear what you think. Miami Herald Op-Ed: Entrepreneurs Creating Economy of the Future

Guest post: 3 Realities in Managing Millennials

By: Molly FoleyThe Millennials...they’re sociable, talented, well-educated, and collaborative. They’re open-minded, influential, and achievement-oriented. They’ve always felt sought after and perhaps indispensable. They’ve been arriving in our workplaces with high expectations for both themselves and their managers. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?! Why do today’s managers struggle with these new up and comers? There… Continue reading Guest post: 3 Realities in Managing Millennials