Research shows how to get things done in a city or region

Important changes and big initiatives can succeed or fail based on the underlying structure and organizations involved. Looking back at different initiatives I had a role in leading (see Alachua County Education Compact in Gainesville, FL and Moving Wake Forward, a successful transit referendum in Raleigh, NC), it is clear that the greatest successes come when several partners are strategic aligned on the goals and strategy. Each of these initiatives has required extra effort, some compromise, an understanding of the perspective of each stakeholder and communication, communication, communication. My own experience says this effort was worth it and now research is showing the same conclusion.

I’m always scanning to find models, new learnings and case studies that demonstrate how to get things done. I’ve found the resources at the Collective Impact Forum to be fantastic. I’d invite you to check out their latest work, which is instructive in the pursuit of meaningful change and improvements we’d all like to see in our communities.

Here is a link to the blog. From there, you can read the full study and findings. Don’t overlook the funders of this study. Important foundations that invest significant amounts of money are validating the collective impact approach.