What we’re reading…


The world has changed. The economy has changed. The nature of work has changed. Our political makeup has changed. In this time of increasing disruption, change and uncertainty, many cities and regions are re-evaluating how they define success, how they clearly identify new challenges and opportunities, and what type of approach will work now and in the future. These are big questions that regional leaders must answer. In the Orlando region, the answer is bold, yet collaborative and inclusive. We’re refining our approach to be data-driven, disciplined and forward looking.

These topics are the focus of a great new book with an intriguing title, The New Localism. Authors Bruce Katz and Jeremy Nowak write to inform the need for new civic models. In Orlando, the ground is fertile because the momentum is obvious and the world has come to see our ethos of inclusion. For years, business and civic leaders discussed the fast-paced changes in the economy and decided on a new model to advance solutions to these challenges and newly presented opportunities.

Over at CityLab.com, Richard Florida interviewed the authors and their answers are a good teaser for why the book is so relevant for a broad cross section of civic leaders across the country. The current environment necessitates new answers to the more complex set of challenges the new economy has delivered. I’d encourage others that are curious about this topic to check out the interview here; you may just be curious enough as we were to buy the book.

It’s what we’re reading now. Innovate or die.