7 lessons for my younger self

Do you wish you knew then what you know now?

The link below is nearly the full text of a speech I gave today to 350 young professionals in Raleigh.  Our Great Raleigh Chamber’s Young Professionals Network is impressive and many of the participants are already emerging in leadership roles throughout the Triangle.  Here is a glimpse of this morning as captured on Twitter.

I’d love your comments on these 7 lessons that I believe are important for leaders to thrive:

#1: You can change the world

#2: Perseverance and passion: the difference between good and great leaders

#3: Get ahead to stay on top

#4: Focus on the important, not always the urgent

#5: Choose your mentors wisely

#6: The whole cloth approach to professional development

#7: Great leaders learn from failures

Link to full speech:
Speech to Raleigh Chamber YPN assembly on January 21, 2016