Leadership in Gainesville

The Gainesville Sun ran an editorial on Sunday, September 14, 2014 titled, “New Leadership.”  Here is an excerpt and link to the full editorial.

“Since Tim Giuliani was hired as president of the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce in 2012, the group has become more involved in local government. The chamber has created groups to study issues such as GRU’s finances and governance, and made recommendations for reforms.

The group’s members have advocated for the Plum Creek development and will hopefully be leaders of the campaign for the transportation surtax on the ballot in November. Even if you don’t agree with the chamber’s positions on these issues, it is a positive development that a broader array of community members than before has become involved in public policy.

There have been rough goings in the leadership transitions for some of our major institutions, but these examples provide hope for successful conclusions.”


These comments reflect what a dedicated staff and strong business leaders can mean to a community.  Setting the tone to address the big community issues is the legacy of chambers of commerce leaders for the past 150+ years of American history.  I’m glad to be a part of what is going on in Gainesville (Alachua County), Florida.

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