Announcing leadership book project

I need your help and so do our leaders.

Leadership is essential to solve problems and articulate a vision that inspires. The challenges we face collectively and individually are as daunting as many previous generations have faced. The world has been inspired and lead by individuals and by clear visions that can galvanize action for positive results. Individually, we need the courage and strength to guide our daily lives that are filled with dilemmas without clear “right” and “wrong” answers. But, perhaps what we all need most are good role models that demonstrate courage and leadership which helps us lead the life we aspire to. For this reason, I begin this book project to capture the most salient guidance from true leaders that I hope provide current and future leaders with insight that is so hard to gain, yet so critical to becoming a strong, authentic leader that inspires.

Since an early age, I’ve thirsted for tips, wisdom and insight into becoming a better leader. The volumes written on this topic are helpful and important, but I’ve learned the most through observing other leaders. What I worry most about is a new generation of emerging leaders struggling to gain the same insight in a world where great leaders are hard to find. Without great role models, young leaders are pushed into a dilemma: grave global challenges and few role models to learn from. To help address this dilemma, I will provide lessons I have learned along with many examples of great leaders that have demostrated the courage, skill and vision to inspire.

I hope this book will be a great learning tool for leaders and aspiring leaders.  To sum up the book, I’m striving for a new “Profiles in Courage” for a new generation, with a Randy Pausch “Last Lecture” perspective.

To have the greatest impact I will need your help. I need 100 leaders or aspiring leaders to sign up to help with this book project. I will rely on this group to offer suggestions on great role models, give feedback as the chapters on leadership lessons come together, and to also spread word of the project once it is complete, so this project will have the greatest reach possible.

Go to to signup for the “100 Leader Input Group.”




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