Supporting small businesses and startups


“Thriving business builds a thriving community” is the motto the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce operates by.

Most companies join the Chamber because of our job creation and economic development mission. As we grow our economy, build stronger companies and increase our economic competitiveness, every business in our area benefits. As a result, many choose to get involved and “join our team.”

To build stronger companies and make it easier for them to do business – just like the Florida Innovation Hub at the University of Florida serves companies with a variety of services, connections and advantages – the Chamber serves in a similar capacity for the Gainesville area.

Small Business Support

To help small businesses thrive, the Chamber, which has served as “the voice of business” since 1924, offers members many programs and services:

  • Connections to various resources through one-on-one consultations
  • Workshops on pressing business issues in partnership with the Santa Fe College Center for Innovation and Economic Development
  • Speaker series on economic trends and business insights from industry experts
  • Extensive networking and community leadership opportunities
  • Industry Roundtables to identify needs specific to your industry
  • Insight on public policy issues that impact your business

Start-up Support

In addition to the programs and services above, we help foster the success of start-ups by creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem, providing:

  • Consultations on starting a company from experienced entrepreneurs
  • Small Entrepreneur Roundtable groups to connect entrepreneurs on critical business issues, while fostering a vibrant start-up community
  • Connections to the myriad of services and programs available to startups in the community

Just like you, we’re always pushing the envelope, improving our value in the marketplace and delivering results. If you aren’t one of the 1,200 companies that are already taking advantage of our programs and services, we invite you to learn more about the Chamber on our website at, or contact us at (352) 334-7100 to discover the many ways we can help your business thrive.




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