Crowdfunding: A new financing option for entrepreneurs and investors

This year, Congress passed the Startup Act, which included a provision to allow a new financing option termed “crowdfunding.” This is an important new funding option for entrepreneurs that is a game-changer at a time when access to capital is a critical issue for job creation. I’ve posted the best two resources I’ve come across to give you background on this financing option. At the bottom is a link to, so you can participate.

Colleen Taylor interviews Chance Barnett, Founder & CEO of Crowdfunder on the Crowndfund Act-


Below is an infographic on crowdfunding:

Equity Crowdfunding -

Equity Crowdfunding –

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  1. web7series says:

    I think crowd funding equity is about to explode… I figure the donation based crowdfunding will eventually slow down, due to over saturation

  2. directprivateequity says:

    Great Info ! This is good information to understand about Crowd Funding. Thanks for this info.

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