Fresh ideas needed to create more start-ups and grow small businesses

Business start-ups, small business growth and entrepreneurship are critically important to our economy.  In fact, they account for most net job growth in our state and country.

Beginning next week, the Florida Chamber Small Business Council will work with our state Department of Economic Opportunity (similar to a Dept. of Commerce in other states and federally) to identify and execute strategies to grow our economy through entrepreneurship and small business growth.  We will host the Small Business Stakeholders Forum at the Florida Chamber as the central way to build out the state’s 5-year economic development strategy as it relates to small business and entrepreneurship.

There are some things that the government can start doing, some things they can stop doing and many ways to rethink how Florida can improve its entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Now is the time to put forth the best ideas.  Please leave a comment, send me an email or contact me on Twitter (@TimGiuliani).

One Comment Add yours

  1. Tim,

    Good info to know. Can you send me more details? I would like to get involved.

    Eddie Gonzalez Loumiet

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